Safe Fishing Practices Protect The Waters

I will always remember my first fishing trip with my father. It was the typical warm summer morning and the sun was breaking over the horizon when my dad gently cast my line into the water. I was still a bit too young to be trusted not to throw the whole rod and reel into the lake. As the years pass by, time has a way of making you forget some things. However, I still have not forgotten the lessons my father passed on that day.You can find a quick rundown here He was an avid conservationist and believed that people could enjoy the great outdoors without damaging the environment. Throughout the day, he explained to me how litter can destroy wildlife and pollute our waters. My father also pointed out that catch and release programs are designed to preserve the wildlife and protect the water we all depend upon for life. He instilled in me a sense of stewardship over the fishing holes we frequently visited. As I now have my own child, I too emphasize the importance of safe fishing practices. Such as cleaning up your litter and catch and release guidelines. Hopefully, my child will feel the same responsibility to protecting our waters.

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