Help Endangered Species What To Do

Helping endangered species is not as difficult as most people think. If everyone followed a few easy steps, endangered species would be allowed a fighting chance. A homeowner can set up a birdbath and bird feeder to allow birds that live in the area a better chance of survival. Never use pesticides or toxic chemicals in your yard or property. toxic chemicals leech into the water supply and will sicken and/or kill animals who depend on that water.
Never buy any products that are made of endangered animal or their body parts. If the demand for endangered animal products diminished, there would be no market for the goods. No market for endangered animal goods means that the animals will be allowed to survive and thrive in their natural habitat. Allowing the survival of endangered animals helps out everyone.
Recycle. Recycling allows companies to use the recycled materials instead of having to destroy more forests or use non-sustainable products. Buy or use products in your home that are only self sustainable such as recycled paper goods and flooring made from bamboo. Buy only products that are recyclable. Never use styrofoam and do not patronize businesses who use styrofoam products. If every person followed these few basic steps, the results to endangered animals will be enormous.

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